Welcome to the Exodus Leader Induction Module


Exodus aims to 'set the standard in adventure travel'.  To do this, we need all our leaders from every country to be highly skilled, well trained, knowledgeable and to act as an ambassador for the company. By promoting the highest possible standards of training, we hope to be able to say to clients that we have the best leaders in the world!

As you will have been recently informed, Exodus requires every Tour Leader running any Exodus trip to have completed the Leader Induction Module. The Leader Induction Module is an on-line learning session that takes approximately 90 minutes, and clearly lays out Exodus’s expectations and requirements for all Tour Leaders.

• Why should you complete this module?

The Leader Induction Module is designed to give you a brief introduction to Exodus – the company, our history, our way of doing things, our brochures and trips, and our expectations of Exodus leaders. This module will help you to build on your existing leadership skills and knowledge and should enable you to ‘fine tune’ the way you run trips for us.

• What benefits will you get from it?

The Leader Induction Module is designed to improve your knowledge of Exodus, help you to understand what our clients want from their holiday and to give you ideas as to how to run the best possible Exodus trip.

• How does it work?

The module is split into 3 sections. The sections cover important information in a variety of formats including text, powerpoint presentations and movies. You should work through each page in sequence, reading and understanding as you go.

Look out for this icon

Headphones signifies there is sound in this section

There is a short test at the end of each section. We expect every leader to score a minimum of 80% in each test. At the end of the test you will be shown your score and if you get 80% or more, you can progress to the next section. If you don’t achieve the required score, you will be asked to go through selected parts of the relevant learning section again and you can then re-take the test.

Once you have passed all 3 learning section tests, you will have successfully completed the Exodus Leader Induction Module.  You will be then able to print off a certificate of completion.

How to start the Leader Induction Module...

Step 1. Click on ‘Create new account’ (top right of screen).
Step 2. Complete registration by filling out the User account screen. Once complete, you will be brought back to this Introduction page.
Step 3. From the Introduction page, start the module by clicking on '1.ABOUT EXODUS' on the top menu bar.

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